Advanced paranormal investigation

Visit this course, if you are curious about investigating the paranormal. And I promise, no "Technobabble", youtube videos, and "internet Truths" are used.

You will learn how to make a serious investigation. You will, of course, get an introduction, and off-we-go. We will make a correct Electronic Voice Phenomenon session and learn how to use thermal systems to spot paranormal events.

We will learn to read EMF's, (electro magnetic fields) and be sure, it is not the router we are detecting!

You will learn some exiting history about the paranormal theme, and then the methods of correct investigation.

Each month, a new theme is added.

About this course

For the rest of 2021, enrolling from July the 1st, you can participate in learning how to work with paranormal investigation.

Learn how to make a proper EVP session. How to use software to enhance sound. Learn how to enhance photos.

Learn to use thermal imaging and other hard-science technologies.

You also learn some historical facts, and of course, methods, so you can sort out natural phenomena from the real thing.

Course Curriculum

  Advanced paranormal investigation
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Course in paranormal investigation, the rest of 2021

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